- Visit of the Vice President of the Republic to our plant -

Duran (Guayas ) .- The vice president Jorge Glas today concluded its activities in Guayaquil with a visit to the plant of the company Audiovisión Electronics, Audioelec SA , dedicated to the assembly of cell phones and televisions .


During the tour of the company he learned the details of the SMT assembly line , which develops electronic cards for the Sony brand products , whose assembly is done entirely in the country , thus contributing to the change in the Matrix Production .

"Such industries are only possible when there is a sovereign policy of value addition , industrialization , for Ecuadorian products " Glas said and stressed the preponderance of young professionals between the staff Audioelec .

Here we see generation technology and Ecuadorian entrepreneurs who can clearly see these activities thanks to the safeguards applied the government of the Citizen Revolution ," the Vice President. Agreed with him , Jaime Mantilla , general manager of Sony Ecuador ; Yolanda Hoyos and Antonio Grant, President and CEO of Audioelec , respectively, who stressed the importance of safeguards.

"We support the safeguards , because we understand that there is no other way to strengthen the dollarization " said Hoyos , while Mantilla emphasized that safeguards have indeed brought benefits to the country, especially for local trade . "We decided to invest and contribute to the country. We are proud that Ecuador produces equipment here and these are of high quality.

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